The Heart of the Start

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6b0d7be5e34206e0608b5aaaf6962e17.jpgLeWeb was all about heart this year. Words like 'spirit,' 'caring,' and 'happiness' seemed to be flying out of just about every panelist's mouth. Love was in the air, as it should be in a city like Paris, two weeks before Christmas, amongst a group of some of the most inspiring people in the world of tech.

The question wasn't new: "What makes startups successful"? However, the perspective on how to get there seems to have shifted into a place less about numbers and analytics to a place of feelings, motivations and intentions. "Chase the passion, not the money" as Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, put it. 

Sometimes it takes the passion of Paris with the inspiring words of great leaders to remind us to come back to our core values. 'Tis the season to open our hearts and rekindle our thoughts with what matters in life . . . and ultimately find a way to translate that into business.

Stay tuned to the next post for "Principle I: Company Culture" based on the advice from LeWeb panelist Tony Hsieh.

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Do you have any specific examples or anecdotes from the conference on this theme? Can you expand on Tony Hshieh's comment? Why exactly does it make sense for startups to chase the passion?

Maybe this is supposed to be a teaser post, and you'll be getting to examples in the next post. If so, consider me intrigued.

And, a quick suggestion - how about "Heart of the Start" as the title for the post? Like Guy Kawasaki's book "Art of the Start", maybe you were already going for that connection...


Yes, Jordy, this is a teaser post, or rather intro to the next few posts...see tag line:
Stay tuned to the next post for "The Principles of a Successful Startup" based on the advice from LeWeb panelists.

Perhaps I should put it in bold so people get that?

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments!

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