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SF Ruby Meetup

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Last night, Particle was the host to the May SF Ruby Meetup and techVenture was there as a sponsor for pizza from Uncle Vito's and *home made* chocolate chip cookies.  (7 dozen made the morning of by yours truly)

Meetup, for those who somehow haven't heard of this almost 7 year old NYC based startup, allows people to organize online to meet in real life. As mentioned in my previous post, networking is really important in the startup world and Meetups are not only a great place to network and make new friends, but they are also a great way to learn more about what's cutting edge and tips and tricks in their field.  (Not to mention, they are a great way to reach potential candidates!) 

And, in keeping with the startup vs. big company theme, check out this funny page where Meetup CEO, Scott Heiferman, compares working at Meetup to working at Google. 

I just wanted to post a "Welcome" to anyone who has stumbled over to our site by picking up one of our cards or who heard Fadi's introduction last night.  Make sure to send an email introducing yourself and follow us on Twitter!  

For photos from the evening...

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